Isabel, student testing investigational drugs

My grandmother and my sister convinced me to participate in a clinical trial at Biotrial

I am an 18 years old college student and participated for the first time in a clinical trial. I have stayed in a study clinic for two days, and everything has gone well.

I asked many questions to the medical staff before signing the consent form.

> Is hospitalization mandatory?

As a student, outpatient studies are more appropriate but I could manager free time for this study and I don't regret it. I can work on my computer between medical examinations, mostly blood and tension tests.

> Is the compensation better paid than a student job ?

The answer is yes. You get paid more for less hours of work.

> What are the risks to my health?

I was particularly reassured on this point. I was told than I will come out of the study as I entered. I don't feel impacted by drugs and exams and the staff is here to answer any of my questions.

It is quite a fun experience and I have the feeling to do something good.