Healthy volunteer testimonials

Isabel, John, Michael all participated in a Biotrial clinical trial. Learn about their experience and hear their feedback. For any questions about us and our studies, call us toll-free at 844-246-8459 or contact us.

Isabel, student testing investigational drugs

I am an 18 years old college student and participated for the first time in a clinical trial. I have stayed in a study clinic for two days, and everything has gone well.

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John, nurse and a human subject

As a nurse, John is contributing to research by being involved in clinical trials since he was a nursing student. He likes the experience of being a human subject and being immersed in a medical environment. He feels accompanied and followed by the nursing stuff and can also take vacations with his family with the extra money he has earned.

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Michael, retired and enjoys volunteering

At 60 years old, Michael devotes some of his free time to help research for new drugs. He "lends his body" to research, and supplements his retirement income. Several of his friends have also participated in the studies. He has positive experience participating in clinical trials.

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