Healthy volunteer testimonials

Isabel, John, and Michael all participated in clinical trials with Biotrial. Here’s what they have to say about the experience. Have a question? Call us toll-free at 844-246-8459 or contact us online here

Isabel, university student

Number of trials with Biotrial: 1

I participated in my first clinical trial while in college after being convinced to volunteer by my grandmother and my sister, also volunteers. I stayed in the study clinic for two days and everything went well!

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John, nurse and volunteer

Number of trials with Biotrial: 5

John, a healthy volunteer who has participated in multiple clinical trials at Biotrial, gives us his feedback.

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Michael, retired volunteer

Number of trials with Biotrial: 9

At 60 years old, Michael enjoys devoting some of his free time to helping clinical research. Volunteering has been a great way for Michael to supplement his retirement income, and several of his friends have started to do the same. Participating in clinical trials has been a very positive experience for Michael.

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