Testing a drug : nothing without volunteers

Main role of the volunteer in a clinical research study

New investigational drugs need to be tested on healthy volunteers before being available commercially. As a volunteer, you are the most important part in a long chain of research. You participation helps individuals with diseases or ailments potentially find a new treatment and improves our scientific knowledge base.

Testing investigational drug

You become an official volunteer to a clinical trial after completing a successful screening visit and agreeing to participate in the study. As part of your screening visit, we discuss the specific risks and benefits associated with the participation in the study through an informed consent process. Our medical and recruitment team is here to answer any and all questions you may have.

Ambassador of medical research

We are committed to the health of our volunteers and perform continual monitoring throughout your participation in a study. After the legally mandated washout period (typically one month), we hope you will participate in another study with us.

Compensated clinical trials

As a thank you for donating your time and energy to volunteering in a clinical trial, you will be provided with a tax-free compensation for each trial you participate in (the amounts vary).

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Consult the reference site on the supervision of medical research