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Will I be paid for participating in a trial?

Participation in clinical trials is compensated, typically between $100-$8,000. The exact amount you would receive depends on multiple factors, such as the study medication, number of overnight stays, types of procedures, etc.

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Where do the clinical trials take place?

Clinical trials take place at our clinical research facility in Newark, NJ. Depending on the type of trial, volunteers will be required to come to our facility for several hours, or for several days/weeks.

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What is a typical day like for a volunteer during a clinical trial?

At the beginning of each trial, you will receive a detailed schedule of the study activities, procedures, and exams that will be carried out during your stay at Biotrial. Between activities, our new clinical research facility offers clean, spacious accommodations with free WiFi, computer access, TV, board games, and more.

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Can I participate in several clinical trials?

You can only participate in one clinical trial at a time. However, after the required “wash-out” period following a clinical trial (typically 30 days), you may be able to participate in another study. Volunteers’ participation in clinical trials is verified through a system called Verified Clinical Trials (VCT).

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Will I be paid for my expenses?

As a thank you for your participation in a clinical trial, you receive compensation ranging from $100 to $8,000 for your time and travel. This compensation is typically paid at the end of the study.

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What are the risks of a clinical trial?

During your screening visit for a clinical trial, you will learn about the study protocol and any known side-effects of the medication during the informed consent process. In Phase I clinical trials, doses of the medication are administered gradually to ensure volunteer safety.

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Is there a medical examination prior to my participation in a clinical trial?

During the initial telephone call, we will conduct a pre-screening questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for a screening visit for one of our studies. During your screening visit, we will conduct a full medical examination to make sure there is no contraindication to your participation.

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